Atrium Academy

We invest in the future by inviting and training young talents

We invite you to work, study and practice with ATRIUM Architects. Are you interested send us an application with your personal details and tell us why.


It is our philosophy that since the young people will shape the future in both society and architecture we want to have you close to tell you what we know and learn from your visions.


We combine our young students’ skills with our own experienced architects’ knowledge and aim to jumpstart their careers. Many of our former students and interns now work with the company. We gain new inspiration and an update to the latest digital design technology.


High school internship: Twice a year we bring a team of four primary school trainees together over a week and have them follow our architects and constructing architects’ everyday lives.


We visit one of the schools of architecture and instruct you how to prepare for becoming an architect or building constructor.


Student internship: Are you a student at the architect or engineer school looking for an internship consider enrolling with us. We always organize a program that suits you and your particular interests.

Internship for job seekers: Are you graduated, but temporarily unemployed – and very skilful – we want to help you by giving you an internship with in collaboration with your job center. With us you can gain practical experience and a network. And who knows: Maybe one day you’re working as our employee.


Apply by writing us an email to telling us about yourself and your visions. What’s your passion? What is your dream?


Then what happens ?

We respond to all inquiries. If your mail sounds interesting and we have a vacant internship we will invite you in for an interview.

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