ATRIUM Architects use BIM AS AN INTEGRATED TOOL. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and in short it’s a digital building model that enables the involved parties to closely follow every step of a building process.


THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE BUILDING LIFE CYCLE – from idea to demolition – the digital building models are the focal point for all construction activities of the project and the cooperation between the different parties. BIM is both a model and a methodology. BIM means closer cooperation between the parties and branching out to each player participating in a project.

BIM ADDS VALUE in the project through a better overview, a better interdisciplinary collaboration, abetter management of time and economy as well as a better basis for the builder and the project’s other partners. BIM an essential tool for project management, increased quality and productivity at ATRIUM.


ATRIUM EXPLORE AND OPERATE THE LATEST WORKING METHODS. Both in practice and theory. Our Academy include fulcrum for the latest processes. Quite a few of us teach at professional schools and universities and we attract the best of the young students and encourage them to come work for and with us. interested in the latest digital tools.

BIM digital models are used for VISUALIZATIONS, SIMULATIONS, VERIFICATIONS, QUALITY ASSURANCE and more. During the initial design stages and programming BIM is used for parametric design, energy and sustainability analysis. With BIM we calculate solar, shading, daylight and wind simulations.


BIM’s digital models are STRONG 3D VISUALISATION and a useful visual communication tool for developers. When connected to virtual reality glasses the user has a compelling 3D experience of the project as it evolves.