• ATRIUM Architects is the client adviser for the International College on this project designed by URBAN Power.
  • The project is supported by the AP Møller Foundation and includes a new multi-room and several classrooms, including an "underground" music and party section.
  • The building is offered as the main contract in the invitation to tender, and ATRIUM advises on all technical and legal matters both before during and after construction.
  • Construction is scheduled to be completed in August 2021, when the school will celebrate its 100th anniversary. See more about the pojekt...

- Idea - potentials, optimization
- implementation
- short and long investment

– municipalities and conservation authorities, etc.
– building permits, waivers.
- city plans, local plans.

- new construction, renovation, restoration.
– transforming, converting, spaceplanning.
- interior design, furnishing, colouring