Transformation / Restoration


We work with transformation and restoration as a cultural effort to preserve our heritage.
We aim to create new perspectives and activities for historic buildings to give them a new image and a modern value for both architecture and the people using them.
The surroundings of the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore and the creation of the “Kron Work City” is one of our such works.


Dealing with protected, historic buildings requires great knowledge, experience and understanding of the ancient construction methods and respect for the buildings’ soul and symbolic value. Furthermore, it requires a specific know how to ensure the structures for many years to come.

A profound roof and facade renovation meant that the historic City Hall of Elsinore for more than a year was shielded off. In this video sequence we take you behind the tarpaulins to give you an idea of the effort done by craftsmen and architects to preserve the council house and its many architectural details.