We Are

ATRIUM Architects is an association of specialized studios with years of experience.
We focus on functionality, sustainability and technology. And combines innovation with tradition. Our combined expertise ensures complete solutions – worldwide.

We have

Visions that lifts your idea. From concept to completion. International experience in project and concept development. And a sure sense of the direction that our world is moving. Flexibility. ATRIUM Architects handles both large and small projects with a steady hand.

We Offer

Urban planning, design, interior design, restoration, development, planning and construction management. In Denmark and around the world. ATRIUM Architects advise you about economics, process design, engineering, operation and maintenance.

Er du investor eller ejendomsmægler kan vi levere pakken til et projektsalg af boliger




ATRIUM ARCHITECTS have been, and are presently working in Europe, Africa, Australia, China, Vietnam, USA, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. We consider ourselves international with a clear touch of the Danish architectural and design tradition. Below find some of our recent works and examples of our visions of living and developing new ways of forming society and influencing on the lives of everyone. Our vision is that architecture and design should contribute to making our planet a better place adding quality to everyday life.

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